Electric Vehicle Charging Station Map Canada

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Map Canada

According to Natural Resources Canada, there are 5,004 electric vehicle charging stations in Canada. This includes 4,289 Level 2 EV charging stations and 772 DC fast EV charging stations.

  • Level 2 charging stations provide 16 to 32 kilometers of range per 1 hour of charging time.
  • DC fast charging stations provide 95 to 130 kilometers of range per 20 minutes of charging time.

Below is a map of every electric vehicle charging station in Canada, updated daily. The map includes all level 1, 2, and DC fast stations from coast to coast.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Level 2

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6 thoughts on “Electric Vehicle Charging Station Map (Canada 2020)”

    • Thanks Bruce, we’ll add this to our plan for future content. We recognize that the information on this page is currenty ‘light’ 🙂

  1. As a retiered electronic technician with added electrical qualifications, and about 1 million Km behind me, I no longer drive myself, however…

    1) What is the maximum range a n EV owner could safely expect with an EV on a long haul trip, passing through some degree of remote areas?

    2) Since an EV owner buys no gasoline or diesel, how are road taxers colloected in respect of EV usage taxes collected in respect of EV users?. (Since this will vary province to province this needs an answer for each Canadian jurisdiction as well as each jurisdiction in the U.S. where Canadian visitors might incur special taxation in respect of Canadian registered EVs.

    • I had the Nissan leaf that gave me 260 klms and when went to fill the thing we found was most of the stations did not work and had to find a level 2 station and we waited 4 hrs to get enough to get home .Finally we got a hybrid and are very happy as we never need to charge our car as the motor keeps our battery up full .Its a pleasure to drive anywhere anytime we get 65 miles to gallon Toyota Prius check it out Do not get pressured as for the rebates its all ascam .We lost money but were also sold by the rebates but could never go anywhere unless called a head to fine stations and make sure you chaeck plugs as they don’t all fit the cars ?????????? Do not get a charger if you buy a hybrid as do not need one >>.

      • Thanks for your input William, I’ve riden in more than one hybrid and there is certainly less ‘range anxiety’ involved in the process!

    • These are fantastic questions, Bruce. Especially the second one – there are few people who even think to ask it and as of yet, there is no solution or proposed solution that I have heard of. As for the first question, another factor you may want to look at is the number of charging stations per 1,000km of roadways. Efficiency Canada has published this information for every province, see PDF page 130 in this document: https://www.scorecard.efficiencycanada.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Scorecard.pdf For example, Quebec has 20 stations per 1,000km of roadways while Alberta has just 1.


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