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In general, this means that you can use, copy, and distribute our content – provided proper reference (via direct link) is given to

Why Open Content?

Within the first year of launch, it became apparent several industry organizations were interested in using our content for their readers.

And while this was once a concern, we’ve decided to boldly embrace our utility and simply encourage it – provided it’s done so fairly.

Web Guidance

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Reference Example

Our information is most commonly used on websites to help educate readers about sustainable and distributed energy technologies and policies.

When using our information on your webpage(s), a clear and direct-link reference must be provided to on the same page(s) where the information is being used.

The direct link should point to the exact page from which you sourced the information.

Academic and Professional Guidance

On several pages, we also provide links to content in a report-style format (.pdf). On these pages, the reference for the report in APA 7th edition can be found near the bottom of the content.

See our Electricity Prices page for an example.

Commercial Guidance

If you’re using our content for commercial purposes, we kindly ask that you contact us first. You can also hire us to produce custom content for your audience.

Creative Commons License is licensed and protected under Creative Commons (CC BY).

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