Solar Rebates & Energy Efficiency Incentives Saskatchewan
(Updated 2019)

Saskatchewan Energy Incentives

Saskatchewan currently has solar energy rebates available at the utility and federal level, however, it is the only province and territory in the country without energy or energy efficiency incentives of any kind.

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Incentives Canada

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If you’ve read this page, the Complete Saskatchewan Solar Guide, and are interested in installing a system with a qualified installer, you can request an estimate by filling out the form here. Our pre-screened installers are eligible for all rebates and can fill out the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Utility Energy Incentives

SaskPower Net Metering Program

The SaskPower Net Metering Program offers a a cash incentive for homeowners in the province looking to install a solar photovoltaic system on their property. The solar rebate is equal to $0.61/Watt and is capped at a total rebate amount of $20,000 and a maximum system size 100kW.

The rebate has recently been extended to Nov 30, 2021 or until the total solar net metering capacity reaches 16MW (currently Saskatchewan sits in at just under 14MW).

Federal & Other Energy Incentives Solar Cash Incentive

The Solar Cash Incentive offered by can be claimed in addition to any rebate program offered on this page. The total rebate amount is relatively small ($152), but it’s super easy to claim.

Federal Tax Provision for Clean Energy Equipment

The Federal Tax Provision for Clean Energy Equipment is a tax policy offered through the federal government that allows Canadian businesses to fully expense their clean energy equipment purchases (solar included). This means a CCA rate of 100% and the abolishment of the first year rule.

Please visit National Resources Canada for more solar and energy incentives for business and commercial applications in Saskatchewan.

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