Solar Rebates & Energy Efficiency Incentives Nova Scotia
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Nova Scotia Energy Incentives

Nova Scotia has an abundance of solar energy and energy efficiency incentives available at the provincial and federal levels. The solar energy rebates on this page are denoted by a sun symbol () while the energy and energy efficiency rebates are denoted by the bolt symbol ().

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Incentives Canada

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Some important things to keep in mind while reading about Nova Scotia solar rebates:

1) Per Watt. Most solar rebates in the province are awarded on a per watt basis. This means that the amount of money you get back is directly dependent on the size system that you install (in units of watts). You can easily calculate the size of the solar system you need by using the simple formula in the Sizing Section of the Nova Scotia Solar Guide.

2) Eligible Costs. Most rebates have a maximum funding amount that is based on a percentage of total eligible expenses. In general, eligible expenses include the full cost of materials and installation, but not the cost of taxes.

3) Qualified Installation. Finally, solar rebates in Nova Scotia must meet certain installation qualifications. This includes the stipulation that the system must be approved under Nova Scotia Interconnection Guide, be installed by a qualified installer approved by Efficiency Nova Scotia, and use CSA approved electric equipment with sufficient warranties.

If you’ve read this page, the Complete Nova Scotia Solar Guide, and are interested in installing a system with a qualified installer, you can request an estimate by filling out the form here. Our pre-screened installers are eligible for all rebates and can fill out the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Provincial Energy Incentives

The province of Nova Scotia currently has one of the most comprehensive solar energy and energy efficiency incentive programs in the country. All programs in this section are administered by Efficiency Nova Scotia and are expected to last until March 2022. Programs are financed by a $56 million commitment by the Government of Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.

Efficiency Nova Scotia SolarHomes Program

The SolarHomes Program is a solar rebate offered to residential residential homeowners across the province. The rebate is offered based on the size of the system being installed (in units of watts) and breaks down as follows:

  • $0.85/Watt
  • Maximum of $8,500 or 35% of eligible costs, whichever is less
  • Minimum system size of 1kW

Program applications are processed and approved on a first come first serve basis. Once approved, you will have 6 months to install your system by an approved installation company (all companies partnered with are approved!).

Efficiency Nova Scotia Green Heat Program

The Green Heat Program is another solar incentive offered by Efficiency Nova Scotia that allows homeowers claim a rebate for the installation of a solar thermal system. The rebate is given on a per system basis as follows:

  • $400/system for Solar Thermal: Air to Air
  • $1000/system for Solar Thermal: Domestic Hot Water

Under this same program, homeowners can also receive rebates for various other green heat technologies including geothermal heat pumps, air to water heat pumps, wood stoves, and much more.

Other Incentive Programs by Efficiency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia also offers several other incentive programs to help decrease the cost of energy and energy efficiency technologies. This includes rebates for the construction of new energy efficient homes, appliance retirement programs, insulation upgrades and more. The HomeWarming Program also allows low income earners to receive free home energy assessments and home upgrades.

Nova Scotia Your Energy Rebate

The province of Nova Scotia is currently offering the Your Energy Rebate for all energy purchases used for home heating. The rebate is equal to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) paid for the fuel type. The rebate is automatically applied to most fuel distributors (home-delivered oil, propane, firewood, and natural gas) but you may need to apply for the rebate if you’re purchasing kerosene, coal, or wood pellets for home heating.

Federal & Other Energy Incentives Solar Cash Incentive

The Solar Cash Incentive offered by can be claimed in addition to any rebate program offered on this page. The total rebate amount is relatively small ($152), but it’s super easy to claim.

Federal Tax Provision for Clean Energy Equipment

The Federal Tax Provision for Clean Energy Equipment is a tax policy offered through the federal government that allows Canadian businesses to fully expense their clean energy equipment purchases (solar included). This means a CCA rate of 100% and the abolishment of the first year rule.

Please visit National Resources Canada for more solar and energy incentives for business and commercial applications in Nova Scotia.

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