Solar Rebates & Energy Efficiency Incentives New Brunswick
(Complete Guide 2019)

New Brunswick Energy Incentives

New Brunswick currently has solar energy and energy efficiency incentives available at the utility and federal levels. The solar energy rebates on this page are denoted by a sun symbol () while the energy and energy efficiency rebates are denoted by a bolt symbol ().

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Incentives Canada

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If you’ve read this page, the Complete New Brunswick Solar Guide, and are interested in installing a system with a qualified installer, you can request an estimate by filling out the form here. Our pre-screened installers are eligible for all rebates and can fill out the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Utility Energy Incentives

Énergie NB Power Total Home Energy Savings Program

The Total Home Energy Savings Program offered by Énergie NB Power is one of the most comprehensive energy incentive programs in all of Canada. In order to receive the incentive, you must complete all 5 stages of the program:

  1. Book an initial Home Energy Evaluation
  2. Receive a Renovation Upgrade Report
  3. Complete upgrades of your choice
  4. Complete a final Home Energy Evaluation
  5. Receive your incentive

As the stages imply, the process begins with a Home Energy Evaluation. A Renovation Upgrade report will then be provided to you letting you know which energy upgrades you qualify for. These upgrades will be based on your Home Energy Evaluation and may include the following:

  • Insulation
  • Heating & Heat Recovery Equipment
  • Windows / Doors / Air Sealing
  • Pool Pumps
  • + More

In the end, you will earn an incentive both for the type of upgrade that you perform as well as for the number of upgrades that you perform.

For example, installing a wood stove would earn you $200 and installing a geothermal heat pump would earn you $4,000. But, installing them both together would earn you $4,550 (additional incentive is given because you performed two upgrades!).

The incentive to install a solar phovoltaic system is one of the possible upgrades that may be included in your personalized Renovation Upgrade Report. The incentive ranges from $0.20/Watt to $0.30/Watt depending on how many energy upgrades your perform. The incentive is also conditional on you having R40 insulation throughout your attic and R20 throughout your basement and exterior/main walls.

Énergie NB Power also offers the New Home Energy Savings Program for new home builders and Low Income Energy Savings Program for residents under a specific earnings threshold as set by the Department of Social Development.

Federal & Other Energy Incentives Solar Cash Incentive

The Solar Cash Incentive offered by can be claimed in addition to any rebate program offered on this page. The total rebate amount is relatively small ($152), but it’s super easy to claim.

Federal Tax Provision for Clean Energy Equipment

The Federal Tax Provision for Clean Energy Equipment is a tax policy offered through the federal government that allows Canadian businesses to fully expense their clean energy equipment purchases (solar included). This means a CCA rate of 100% and the abolishment of the first year rule.

Please visit National Resources Canada for more solar and energy incentives for business and commercial applications in New Brunswick.

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Greg Sherwood

If a home owner owns a typical 2 x 4″ framed house with R12 insulation as most of the houses in NB have then he will not be able to take advantage of the incentive offered. This is a very poor incentive program and obviously NB Power doesn’t want solar.